Covid-19 Lockdown Update – 10 June 2020

One month later we still remain within the government lock down legislation however we have seen a definite change over the last week that offers us hope that we will be back on the water in the near future, provided the number of cases and deaths do not dramatically increase over the next few weeks.

During the last month SA Sailing has been in constant communication with two key bodies that regulate our sport;
SASCOC/ Dept of Sport and Recreation and SAMSA.

SASCOC are running the COVID War Room that is focusing on two key areas; access to funding for the sport sector and its sporting federations and returning to active sports. Based on feedback from Sport Federations the SASCOC

War Room are liaising with the Dept of Sport and Recreation and Government bodies to agree the terms by which all sports can resume. During this time SA Sailing has submitted a detailed document describing how we are in a position to enable on the water sailing from Level 3, what controls that clubs, classes and event organisers will need to implement in order to allow sailing, and what government regulations would need to change in order to enable this. As noted in the Minister of Sport presentation on Sunday evening this document, together with those from other sport federations, is under review and we await feedback. We are chasing this on a regular basis.

One of the key regulations that we noted in our document that required changing was that SAMSA needed to lift their ban on recreational and sailing craft using the waterways as was detailed in SAMSA Notice 27 of 2020. We are pleased to note that this was addressed and has now been cancelled and replaced with SAMSA Notice 31 of 2020 which was released last night (see link to notice further down in the newsletter) . This notice allows sports and recreational use for all vessels with valid certificates of fitness (COF), together with the resumption of surveying of vessels and allowance of COF’s to be completed, subject to the overall lockdown legislation which currently restricts movement.

As the SAMSA notice is one of the two pieces of the puzzle that we need approval on to allow us to resume sailing we await the feedback from SASCOC/ Dept of Sport to provide us with the green light to resume sailing. As of this afternoon the legislated regulatory changes have not been finalised for release and this means we cannot proceed with sailing at this stage. We will update everybody that moment that this is granted.

Although the regulations of Level 3 have allowed us much anticipated “freedom” I would urge everybody to remain vigilant and wary of COVID 19. The infection cases and death rates are on the rise in South Africa and we all remain susceptible to this. There is a strong light at the end of the tunnel and let’s keep working together to get as many of us through this and back on the water in as strong an economic situation as possible.

Intasure, our Member Benefit partner, have confirmation in writing that any boats insured by Intasure with infinity will not be prejudiced in any way for matters out of their control until the appropriate level of Covid 19 allows for COF’s to be renewed.All cover will remain valid during this time.

However, It will be up to each insurer to provide assurance on this to boat owners.

Looking forward to seeing everybody on the water soon.

Peter Hall

For all information on the continuously developing COVID-19 situation, you can now head to:

Obituary – Pat Downing MAC 472

It is with regret and sadness that we advise on the quite sudden passing of Pat Downing (Mac 472 ). Pat was a founder member and without a doubt one of the most dedicated and the single most ardent, active Honoury Life member. She was fearless and tireless in protecting the Clubs Constitution (well, her interpretation of it!). Pat’s love was not just for the Club but for the Table Bay Reserve as a whole and she dedicated many hours to representing the Club at the Table Bay Nature Conservation meetings. She will be remembered by hundreds, if not thousands of dinghy sailors as ‘Mama24” .She will be remembered  for her energetic involvement in the annual  ”24 Hour Endurance regatta”. Her participation in this event was complete – from the initial organisation and preparation, sourcing of sponsors to her enthusiastic encouragement of those on the water, her admonishment of the unruly ‘barflies’ in the ‘Wet Start’ Pub as well as overseeing the final Prize Giving – She really was the Mama of the event, no mean feat for one of the largest and most popular regattas in the Cape Dingy calendar.

Talking of Prize Giving, Pat was a regular, worthy and grateful recipient of the “Wooden Spoon” award – this she received with pride, as to her it was a clear indication and recognition that she had done a great job in pulling members into line and upholding the Constitution. To her eternal credit, she always also received it in good spirits and the manner in which it was intended. There is no doubt that Pat will be remembered with love and fondness by many and even the those who were on her regular receiving end respected and admired her passionate brutal candour.

There is a certain irony that MAC is at its quietest and most peaceful at this time, we have all been forced to pause and reflect…..we wish the same for Pat – it’s Pats time to pause and we know she will rest in peace. God bless you Pat and thank you for your lifelong contribution to MAC.

Ross Cowing

(Photograph Angela Gray)