Board Sailing at MAC


Jaco Wolmarans
Rear Commodore
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Roelof Serdyn
Management Rep
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Mac windsurfing was founded in 1982 and consisted of a open class. Members had to complete a test and if unable to conform were banished to the south lake until they could sail well enough.Today it is the biggest Windsurfing club in South Africa.

It caters for the learner to the professional.The club has training equipment plus a simulator for learning. We supply learner boards plus you can hire equipment from various entity's nearby.It is considered one of the best windsurf places for slalom/formula and freestyle in the world with wind ranging from light to full blown gale force.

The large lawns with fresh tapped water make it a great place to wash off the salt from wave sailing which is about 5 minutes drive from the club at the legendry Sunset and Big Bay resorts where the conditions are great all summer long.Container space can also be rented for those who require their equipment to be housed in a safe environment.

The South African speed record was also set here at 77.7 km/h in 2002. The lake is considered as a very safe place to sail with rescue craft and personnel.



The rules are designed to be used in conjunction with the ISAF Funboard racing rules. These scoring
 guidelines have been designed to allow for the awarding of the club champion on an annual basis. The 
scoring has been done in such a way that the best sailor for the season should be club champion.
 A discard system has been implemented which takes cognisance of the fact that due to our “roll-over”
system not everyone will be able to attend each event. It also caters for a certain amount of misfortune
 during the racing season.
 All weekend board sailing events held at MAC over a season will count toward the championship.


When a scheduled event cannot be run due to unfavourable weather conditions, it can be held over to a
 following weekend. We will endeavor to run at least one race per month. A consquence of this is that not all
 sailors can attend each event.

In order to facillitate the neccesary roll-overs required for running at least one event per month, a new
 discard system has been introduced which will allow sailors to miss two complete events out of every six.
There will be a 1 in 3 discard per event and a 1 in 3 discard for the series. What this means is that in each
 case the races with the worst scores are discarded.

For the MAC club championship the results of all events are tabulated. Any individual missing a race will be
 scored equal to the last finisher + 1 for that race. The amount of discards allowed for the whole season will
 be equal to the sum of all the races divided by 3. Each individual sailors worst results will be discarded. The
 sailor with the lowest score will be deemed club champion.
Where there is a tie in total points overall, the tie shall be broken in favour of:
 The sailor who has won the greatest number of events throughout the year.
The sailor with the greatest number of first places, second …
If there is still a tie the championship shall be shared.
 Only local sailors are eligible for the club championship.

Speed events should be separate from the slalom racing. The fastest sailor in a speed event should be 
recognised as such.



MAC Closure of Windsurfing, Skiing & Paddling


Water Use Restrictions – Action Required.

(If you agree with Mancom’s position, detailed below, please sign and distribute the following petition.)

On Thursday last week (14 November 2019), the City of Cape Town (CoCT) instituted a notice, “Recreational Restrictions at Table Bay Nature Reserve, Rietvlei Waterbody”, temporarily prohibiting Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Canoeing, and Water-skiing. Power-boating and sailing were excluded from the prohibition

Despite being in constant contact with the CoCT, regarding water quality at the vlei, the Club’s Management Committee (Mancom) were not consulted about or informed of the prohibition being instituted.

Mancom is in the process of bringing an urgent interdict against the CoCT to reverse the prohibition. The latest available water quality data indicate that the vlei meets all national and international standards for recreational use.

Mancom is taking the stance that unless the CoCT can provide conclusive scientific data to the contrary the vlei should remain open for all recreational activities. The Club is entering its “high” season and this prohibition will be extremely detrimental for the Club.

In support of our efforts we need to collect as many signatures as possible by Thursday coming (21 November 2019) please sign the partition.

Petition Link:…


Mancom Team

Water Notification Warning



Dear Members

We received the following feedback from Nature Conservation/the City regarding the latest water test results (7.9.2019). The blue green algae bloom is transient in terms of location and moves around the vlei and shoreline according to wind direction. The results from samples taken at different spots in the North Vlei show a low risk (at one point slightly moderate risk) according to World Health Organisation´s standards. Warning signs have been put up, in general swimming is not allowed in Rietvlei and we recommend to rinse well after being in the water.

Users are reminded to avoid areas with visible scum accumulations.

The vlei remains open and the City will continue monitoring the water quality.

Kind regards

MAC Management

Please note: see pic as a reference guide. (Pic not taken at MAC)

Dear Members

As a precaution, we would like to inform our members that latest test
results show cyanotoxins in Rietvlei, caused by blue green algae. The
water body is under surveillance and remains open.
Enter on your own risk. Parents to supervise their children.
Avoid areas with visible algal concentrations or blue-green algal
scums (‘blooms’).
Cyanotoxins can cause skin, eye and ear irritations. Uptake of high concentrations of
cyanotoxins can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, flu symptoms etc.
As a precaution:
● Don’t sit downwind of any algal material drying on the shore to avoid inhalation.
● Wear close fitted clothes or wetsuits.
● After coming ashore, shower or wash yourself down to remove any algal material.
MAC Management Committee

We do still have our social events happening, so do please join us today for our MAC Live Music Sunday – Bob & Ted Duo at 14h00 – Bar & Galley open. Come and cool down in our Swimming Pools & Bring n Braai.

Kind Regards

MAC Management Committee

Welcome to the Windsurfing Training Section of Milnerton Aquatic Club

We offer
- professional windsurfing training for beginners and advanced windsurfers
- perfect learning conditions in Cape Town (Rietvlei Nature Reserve)
- safe & flatwater conditions
- flexible course dates
- internationally qualified windsurfing instructors with overseas experience
- instruction in English, German or Spanish
- special camps for kids, beginners and ladies
- windsurfing as an extracurricular activity for school kids
- windsurfing packages for company events etc.
- gift vouchers

Adult Beginner Course
- small groups (2-3 students)
- flexible dates
- 3 day course from 10am - 12pm (3x2 hours)
- Milnerton Aquatic Club at Rietvlei
- windsurfing equipment & life jacket provided
- theoretical and simulator training on the shore
practical training on the water
- what to bring: swim wear, towel, warm jacket,
own wetsuit and booties (if available)
- pre-requisite: You must be able to swim!

Advanced Courses - One-on-one training
- learn to windsurf or choose the move you want to improve, such as harness sailing, waterstart, powerjibe, duckjibe, frontloop etc. or learn any of the new school moves(heli tack, airjibe, etc.)
- Milnerton Aquatic Club at Rietvlei
- dates depending on availability and wind conditions
- video-learning (if necessary)
- theoretical and simulator training on the shore
practical training on the water
- windsurfing equipment, harness, harness lines & life jacket
- what to bring: swim wear, towel, warm jacket, own wetsuit, surf shoes (if available)
- pre-requisite: You must be able to swim!

Wave Courses
Wave Courses on the sea - One-on-one training
(learn to waveride, frontloop, backloop, etc.)

Windsurfing Training & Development
Katja Haslinger
Phone: 076 893 1274

Ever wondered what MAC's club equipment is about?
MAC provides this equipment mainly to beginners who, after having learnt how to windsurf, would like to continue this sport at MAC without having to invest into their own equipment right from the start. Once they become full members of MAC, they can practise on MAC's club equipment until they are ready to buy their own (hopefully more advanced) gear, i.e. this is a service MAC provides to windsurfing novices and MAC members!

Should you be interested in using the club equipment, please feel free to contact the club secretary.

Should you have old windsurfing equipment you would like to get rid off, i.e. would like to donate to MAC, please let us know. It will be very much appreciated!



If you wish to store equipment in the club containers, please contact Dawn Pellicena on

If you have space in the containers please make sure that you are in your allocated racks.

Current fee for containers (2018/2019 season)

Additional R30.00 will be charged for a key