Barley Straw Water Treatment at MAC

Barley Straw Water Treatment at MAC

Some of you may have noticed a row of plastic bottles floating just off the shore next to the slipway in front of the clubhouse. MAC is making concerted efforts to get rid of the Blue Green algae naturally. Nets have been filled with Barley straw & dangled from the plastic buoyancy bottles with the idea that when the straw breaks down & rots it conditions the water by releasing Humic Acid which mixes with Oxygen & then releases Hyrogen Peroxide (takes about a month to break down and lasts about 6 months) All this had been done with permission from Table Bay Nature Reserve. See video for more details.


MAC has also been trying different methods of physically removing the standard algae within which the Blue Green Algae tends to congregate. Vacuum methods are being investigated too, which is keeping some of our MANCOM Management members very busy. Well done to all involved & thank you for your hard work.

International Day of People with Disability – 3 December 2019

Know them for their ability, not for disabilities.
TODAY is the #InternationalDayofDisabledPersons –
3 December 2019, a day that aims to promote understanding of people with disabilities and support for their dignity, rights and well being.
On the 2nd February 2019 we had the official opening of the First SA National Sailing Centre for people with
disabilities, taking place at the Milnerton Aquatic
Milnerton Aquatic Club is proud and privileged to be associated with the SV14 Sailing Program, designed by Alex Simonis and Maarten Voogd who took up the challenge to design a new & affordable competitive boat for people with disabilities.
This special boat is a two-person dinghy designed for people with disabilities & other physical impairments.
Thanks to our sponsors we have ordered ‘5’ SV\14 boats from China, due to a delay in manufacture they have not arrived yet unfortunately, but we are expecting them to arrive early next year 2020. We look forward to their arrival.
See the SV\14 Website for more information about this boat:

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