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MAC MOVIE NIGHT – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Fri 16 April 2021

16 April 2021
Start: 18h30
Please join us for our very first movie night on the clubhouse BIG SCREEN. Kids will be accommodated in the lower old Bar room with kids TV. Bar & Galley Open. Free of Charge. Members may bring friends & sign them in.
Cocktails will be offered on special. Dress up if you like – Malcolm has promised to wear heels lol 😅…Going to be a super fun evening 🥳
Query – Ph. Malcolm 078 979 4560

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Have you visited our gallery page on the website? Lots of “call back the past” photos – clubhouse & grounds, past events, sailing, board sailing, power boating and lots more.

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Call Back the Past – 1997

I can’t remember much off the practicing. I do however have vivid recollections of much time spent in the pub overlooking the basin. We spent a lot of time in there discussing our strategies – and that is thirsty work! I also remember dropping my Leatherman tool overboard in the harbour and being devastated that I’d lost a tool which I’d had for so many years, a present my Dad gave me. A young chap in a costume, walking along the jetty witnessed my dispair, and without a second thought, dived into the water and came back up moments later with Leatherman in hand! How he found it so quickly and that without googles, amazed me. Needless to say, I thought this would be token of good luck for the regatta which lay ahead. Read more . . .