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17 MARCH 2017


Rietvlei closed to public due to algae 

The City of Cape Town is temporarily closing the Rietvlei Water Area after a blue-green algal bloom was observed in the water on 16 March 2017. Read more below:

The Milnerton Aquatic Club’s 24-hour endurance sailing challenge, which was scheduled to take place at the Rietvlei Water Area tomorrow, 18 March and Sunday, 19 March 2017, has been cancelled as a result.

The City collected and analysed water samples yesterday, 16 March 2017, and again this morning, 17 March 2017, and found that microcystin toxins associated with blue-green algae exceeded the World Health Organisation’s recreational guideline for freshwater water bodies.

The algal blooms usually present as green, blue-green, white or brown foam, scum or mats floating on the surface of the water. Exposure to these algae can cause eye irritation, skin rashes, mouth ulcers, vomiting, diarrhoea, and cold-or flu-like symptoms.

Drinking or swallowing large amounts of water can be extremely dangerous.  

Members of the public should avoid all contact with the water at Rietvlei until it has been declared safe.

Due to the ongoing drought and low water levels there are extensive areas of exposed dry shoreline around Rietvlei.

It is suspected that the 5 mm rainfall that was recorded on Wednesday, 15 March 2017, washed accumulated minerals and organic material from decomposing and dead plants along the shoreline into the water at Rietvlei. These minerals and organic materials, combined with high ambient temperatures, could have provided the nutrients for the rapid growth of algae in the water.

The City is monitoring the water quality and will inform members of the public once it is safe for recreational use. The City apologises for any inconvenience caused as a result of the closure of the water area.

The closure only applies to recreational activities in the Rietvlei Water Area, including fishing, but does not prevent anybody from accessing the Table Bay Nature Reserve’s other visitor facilities such as the picnic areas, braai facilities and the bird watching trail. As such, the Table Bay Nature Reserve will still host an open weekend on 18 and 19 March 2017. 


 Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

 Media enquiries: Julia Wood, Manager: Biodiversity Management, Environmental Resource Management Department, City of Cape Town, Tel: 021 514 4155 or Cell: 084 464 9153, E-mail Julia.Wood@capetown.gov.za (please always copy media.account@capetown.gov.za)


Milnerton Aquatic Club Please note that under 18's have free entry if a MAC member. Non MAC members have a R40 day fee.  (Excludes Nature Conservation Tarriffs)

Milnerton Aquatic Club Promo from Jaco Wolmarans on Vimeo.


Quiz Evening Date Change
Please note – This week’s Wednesday Quiz evening, 18th November 2015 will be postponed until 25th November 2015.
Monthly lucky draw will take place on 25th November at 7.00pm as normal and quiz will start at 7.30pm…
See you there!

: mac@milnertonaquaticclub.co.za
Added by : Andre on 16 Nov 2015
MAC Opening Cruise 2015
Milnerton Aquatic Club
Request your company
at the M.A.C. Opening Cruise on
Saturday, 29th August 2015
at 13H30 for 14H00
For welcome by MAC Commodore
15H00 Break out of Club Burgee followed by Sail Past and Salute
: mac@milnertonaquaticclub.co.za
Added by : MAC Office on 25 Aug 2015
MAC 24 Hour - Is your team ready?
Is your team ready for the 18th MAC 24 Hour Endurance Sailing Challenge!

Click on the link for more information.

: mac@milnertonaquaticclub.co.za
Added by : MAC Office on 23 Jan 2015

MAC 4 HOUR START: 11h00 - 15h00 (Pirate Dress Up)


>Treasure hunt for kids - 16h00

> Pirates will release Father Christmas at 17h00 for the Christmas party.

> Parents must please bring plate of eats for the kids table.

> The parents must also bring their child/children a gift not more than R50.00 clearly labeled with name and surname on.(Hand in at the office before hand)

> Kids to please dress up - Pirate Theme

> Adults also welcome to dress up if they wish.

Ahoy my maties
Avast, me proud beauty, one and all. Wanna know why my Roger is so jolly tis the MAC Christmas Party my hearties.....this Saturday.
So Shiver me timbers, come & show me how ye find buried treasure ye lads & lassies!
Come and see what pirate booty Father Christmas has for ye, dressed like a pirate or suffer a keel hauling. Aye Aye Arrrrr...........

See link to learn how to talk like a pirate:
: acgray@iafrica.com
: www.talklikeapirate.com/howto.html
Added by : Angela Gray (MAC Communication's officer) on 17 Nov 2014
All MAC Members are invited to attend the MAC OPENING CRUISE which will be held on Saturday 30th August 2014 at Milnerton Aquatic Club.
Please decorate your craft as beautifully as you can, as there will be a prize for the best dressed craft.

13h30 for 14h00 – Welcome Speech by our new MAC Commodore, James Grant.
15h00 - The Management Committee congregates in front of the Main Flag Pole & then we have the ‘break out’ of the MAC Burgee.
15h15 - Sail Past & Salute (Sailing past the main flag pole & saluting the Commodore)

All sections are welcome to participate in the sail past, but each section must travel past the Commodore one by one. (no mixing of sections for safety reasons)
Please keep clear while other sections are travelling past the Commodore.

The Sections will travel past in the following order:
1st - Remote Control Boats (if there are any?)
2nd - Windsurfers & Paddlers (both stand up & sit down)
3rd – Sail boats
4th – Power boats

We wish this to be a disciplined event and we encourage all members to behave with dignity and respect.
I am afraid that No Egg, No Flour & No Water Balloons will be allowed but you are welcome to use water pistols.

Spectator members are encouraged to dress Smart Casual for this special occasion.

Sailors please remember the SPRING 1 REGATTA the following day – Sunday 31st August 2014. Start not before 10h30am.

Kind regards
MAC Communication Officer
Angela Gray
: acgray@iafrica.com
Added by : Angela Gray (MAC Communication's officer) on 15 Aug 2014
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