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“MAC is situated in Table Bay Nature Reserve – Rietvlei Section, the Reserve is controlled and goverened by the City of Cape Town. As a club, we are duty bound to comply with the various rules and regulations. It is every member’s responsibility to comply with these by-laws and to become fully acquainted with their details, as well as any reviews or replacements that may come in the future. We will do our best to advise the MAC members of any changes to legislation, but it is every person’s own responsibility to do this for him/herself.”
Please see attached.....
: 2-Bylaw_-_Streets_Public_Places_and_the_Prevention_of_Noise_Nuisances.pdf

Friends of Rietvlei
Friends of Rietvlei invite you to join them on THURSDAY 19 NOVEMBER 2015 AT 19H30
at the RIETVLEI EDUCATION CENTRE, off Sandpiper Cres, Table View.

With 2015 drawing to a rapid close we invite you to our last evening function of 2015. It has become a tradition to hear from the students who are completing the third year of their Diploma training and have spent an experiential year at our local reserves.
This year Hester Pentz and David Pickering-Copley have been working at Table Bay Nature Reserve.
Daniel Ferrezuelo has been working at Blaauwberg Nature Reserve and we look forward to hearing about their research projects and highlights of the year.

Added by : Pat Downing on 16 Nov 2015
Rietvlei Water Quality
The water quality in Rietvlei from a bacterial (E.coli) perspective is safe for recreation. If high levels of bacteria were detected one could expect to hear of cases of gastrointestinal disturbances.

Mention is made that some users complain of nasal problems and tight chest, which may be as a result of the algae in the water which some people are affected by. The quality of the water is monitored regularly and the algae closely, to see if there are any potentially harmful species such as “Blue-green algae”. Species of that group are sometimes present in the vlei but generally in low, non-toxic numbers. If the amount of this algae increases or they begin to produce unsafe levels of toxin, then the vlei would be closed until conditions subside. There was such an incident several years ago, but the current levels are low and so generally should not result in adverse reactions to people. Those that are affected are perhaps more sensitive and should avoid the vlei, particularly if they notice green algae floating on the surface and collecting on the shoreline.

Algae is a natural inhabitant of waterbodies such as vleis and it is not possible to eradicate the algae – you can’t put chemicals in a natural waterbody like you would an artificial swimming pool.

Added by : Pat Downing on 6 Aug 2015
Friends of Rietvlei
THURSDAY 20 AUGUST 2015 - Guest speaker Dr Peter Johnstone will be coming to talk to us about Climate Change. We will send out some further information on this interesting talk closer to the time. The meeting will be held at the Rietvlei Education Centre, off Sandpiper Road, Flamingo Vlei at 7.30 for 8.00pm
For any members and friends who are on facebook, please take a look at “Rietvlei Natuur Reservaat Kaapstad – Rietvlei nature reserve Cape Town”. Here you will find some wonderful photos and updates on the wildlife at Rietvlei. We have some very talented photographers who share their beautiful observations and photos with us. Source: F.O.R. Committee July news letter.
Added by : Pat Downing on 3 Aug 2015
Table Bay Nature Reserve New Tariff Schedule
Dear Users of the Rietvlei Wetlands and Water Area

Herewith advance notice of amendments to the tariff schedule applicable at the Rietvlei Wetlands and Water Area – see attached letter in PDF format.

The changes will take effect on 1 July 2015.

Kind regards,

Koos Retief
Biodiversity Area Manager: Milnerton

Table Bay Nature Reserve, 10 Sandpiper Crescent, Table View

Tel: 021 444 0315

: Annual Tariff Update_2015 to 2016.pdf
Added by : Angela Gray (Temp Communication Officer) on 5 Jun 2015
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