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Attention All Water Skiers

The Slalom course is currently out of action. We desperately require some assistance in re-commissioning it and if anyone is interested in assisting please contact Laurence Gutterige on 0824906003 or contact the office - micky@milnertonaquaticclub.co.za



Tuesday 15 July 2014
At 19h00 @ the MAC Clubhouse.
The Bar & the Galley will be open.(See menu posted below)

Kind regards
Your MAC Communication Officer
Angela Gray

MAC GALLEY NEWS - Open 14th, 15th, 16th & 18th July 2014.

MAC Galley will be OPEN for all the divisions A.G.M Meetings
Juicy Hamburgers R25
cake R15
self-help tea and coffee R5
Cool-drinks R10
Ice cream in a sugar cone R10

WEDNESDAY nights main dish is butter orange fish with crispy potatoes and a spot of greens, R45
FRIDAY'S delight is pizza night!
3 toppings on a margerita base R45

: acgray@iafrica.com
Added by : Angela Gray (MAC Communication's officer) on 15 Jul 2014
Do your bit to make the water safer....
Making our waters safer,

Please be aware of the following LEGAL requirements for you to use your power boat at Rietvlei. Being a Club member does not exempt you from any of these and we urge you to adhere, as well as be tolerant and understanding with the cape Town City and Club officials who have the responsibility to ensure that these laws are ahered to - they are just doing their job!

Since the law changed in 2007 and was implemented from March 2009 all vessels are regulated by SAMSA (South African Marine Safety Authority) as follows

Any vessel from 15hp or greater must comply with safety regulations and have the applicable skippers ticket

You can only launch from an approved launch site

To use a vessel on inland waters (Dams, Rivers, etc) You need a minimum of a category R skippers ticket

You must have a buoyancy certificate for your craft (minimum 30% buoyancy issued by SAMSA appointed agents)

You must have a COF (Certificate of Fitness) for your craft and a COC (Certificate of Competance) for you the skipper. The COC is obtainable through a SAMSA authorised agent and does not need to be renewed anually but you can upgrade to a higher certificate. The COF for your craft must be renewed anually through an appointed agent

The regulations are policed and enforced by SAMSA agents and the water wing police and you will be checked at clubs and launch sites

: mac@milnertonaquaticclub.co.za
Added by : Ross Cowing on 29 Dec 2013
Wakeboarding Championships Postponed
Due to bad forecast weather, the South African Wakeboarding Championships scheduled for this weekend has been postponed until a future date which will be advised later.
: mac@milnertonaquaticclub.co.za
Added by : MAC Office on 25 Sep 2013
The Tyre barrier
End of an era.....the tyre barrier is being removed....A 'daisy' chain of buoys will demarcate the exclusive use area, but it really won't be the same - Slalom skiers, wakeboarders and windsurfers are really going to miss this!

Quite sad but far past rehabilitation and simply too dangerous with the random tyres coming loose. Have to say what an incredible feat of engineering it was for the guys who originally installed it, must have been a mammoth exercise. Many thanks to Craig Leslie / Kiln Contracts for the use of the crane and to Colin Orr, James Digby GrantLaurence Gutridge, Lawrence Brown,(and David Botha for his pathetic little bit at the end, and that's only because there was a free beer in it!)
: rcowing@eurosteel.co.za
Added by : Ross cowing on 4 Aug 2013
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