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 Windsurfing News and Views
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Junior Windsurfing Course
Well done to our 6 juniors (Charlotte 8 years, Sarah 10,Alex 11, Callum 12, Ross 14, Lynn 14) who participated in our junior windsurfing course in December 2013! It was great to see all 6 sailing at the same time! Wow! We were impressed! Hope to see you soon again at MAC and in the water! Katja & Wolfgang
Added by : Katja on 22 Dec 2013
MAC updated Calender
: Calendar 2013 - 2014.pdf
Added by : Robbie on 4 Dec 2013
Windsurfing containers - Maintenance
Hi all

It is difficult to believe that the ‘container upgrade’ project was completed just on three years ago this month!

In order to ensure that our money was well spent, what we all committed to at that time was regular, ongoing maintenance. This has been happening and the ‘Windsurfing’ area is now certainly a place we can all be proud of.

We have got to a point though, where we need to embark on a more intense exercise of removing corroded spots, body filling and repainting ‘the doors and fronts’. We have received a few quotes and have chosen to go with the guys who painted our clubhouse. They have given us a detailed quote, with a scope of work and cost breakdown per container. The whole exercise is planned to happen over 10 days, no weekends – and ideally beginning 18th November.

In order for this to be a succesful, stess free exercise, we need your assistance and ask you to do the following -
• Although we know these guys to work with the best work ethic, if you are at all concerned about damage or pilfering ( not that they should have complete, unsupervised access), please remove your stuff asap.

Thanking you all in anticipation of your cooperation

Kind regards
MAC Management (MANCOM)

Added by : MAC Office on 13 Nov 2013
Blasters Results 2nd Nov
Added by : Rob on 4 Nov 2013
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