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MAC Windsurf racing


These rules are designed to be used in conjunction with the ISAF Funboard racing rules. These scoring
guidelines have been designed to allow for the awarding of the club champion on an annual basis. The
scoring has been done in such a way that the best sailor for the season should be club champion.
A discard system has been implemented which takes cognisance of the fact that due to our “roll-over”
system not everyone will be able to attend each event. It also caters for a certain amount of misfortune
during the racing season.
All weekend boardsailing events held at MAC over a season will count toward the championship.

When a scheduled event cannot be run due to unfavourable weather conditions, it can be held over to a
following weekend. We will endeavor to run at least one race per month. A consquence of this is that not all
sailors can attend each event. See discards.
In order to facillitate the neccesary roll-overs required for running at least one event per month, a new
discard system has been introduced which will allow sailors to miss two complete events out of every six.
There will be a 1 in 3 discard per event and a 1 in 3 discard for the series. What this means is that in each
case the races with the worst scores are discarded.

No of races Points
1 - 2 0
3 - 5 1
6 - 8 2
9 - 11 3


Due to the high discard rate there will no longer be a bonus point for first place.

Finising place Points
1 1
2 2
3 3


For the MAC club championship the results of all events are tabulated. Any individual missing a race will be
scored equal to the last finisher + 1 for that race. The amount of discards allowed for the whole season will
be equal to the sum of all the races divided by 3. Each individual sailors worst results will be discarded. The
sailor with the lowest score will be deemed club champion.
Where there is a tie in total points overall, the tie shall be broken in favour of:
The sailor who has won the greatest number of events throughout the year.
The sailor with the greatest number of first places, second …
If there is still a tie the championship shall be shared.
Only local sailors are eligible for the club championship.

Speed events should be separate from the slalom racing. The fastest sailor in a speed event should be
recognised as such.
Document date: 14/11/2012



Series dates are as follows :October 19th; November : 9th December : 7th ; January : 11th ; February : 15th ; March : 8th

October the 19th is the date for the start of this year’s Masters and Blasters Windsurf Series at Milnerton Aquatic Club.
“Red October “ kicks the competition into gear, with all new racing format and new sponsors. The competition is open to all windsurfers of all levels. Entry is free for MAC members and non-members alike however non-members will need to purchase a day pass at the gate.

There is two classes, “blasters” for those on wave and free ride kit, of all levels, and “Masters” for the serious slalom sailors. However those who have sailed the blasters class in past seasons are welcome to come and test themselves against some of SA’s top riders.
The Organizing committee has been hard at work this year and has listened to all the input and feedback from past competitors, and put together a season with a focus on fun and improved on the day organisation and racing.

Mystic has generously provided us with a tent and a wet suit which will be raffled off at the end of the season. How to enter the raffle? compete in 3 or more series events and do all six to get two entries into the draw.

In conjunction with the racing there will be training through our buddy system, where you can get all your tuning, gybing and straight line speed questions answered, as well as meet and get to know your fellow, sailors, bring the family along and enjoy an afternoon in the sun at MAC. The galley and bar will be open to cater to all your food and beverage needs.

The details : the event is scheduled for the Sunday, however should the wind not play ball, Saturday 18th October is our alternate day. The final decision will be made on Thursday prior to the event, however, we will endeavor not to change dates from the Sunday. To keep informed, please send a mail to with your name and cell number to be added to the Masters & Blasters Watsapp group or watch the Facebook group or the Milnerton Aquatic and WSA websites.

Date : Sunday 19th October 2014
Time : Competitor briefing at 1pm first start at 2pm
Venue : Rietvlei ( Milnerton Aquatic Club)
Series dates are as follows :October 19th; November : 9th December : 7th ; January : 11th ; February : 15th ; March : 8th
Added by : Angela Gray (MAC Communication's officer) on 19 Oct 2014