Sailing Regattas


Attention MAC Sailors
Ladies Dinghy Racing on Monday 10 August – Start not before 11h00. One lady must be on board as crew or on helm (National Woman’s Day Public Holiday)
Race dependant on the weather



We’re asking R28k, negotiable, as quite a few nice extras… comprises Steven du Toit fibreglass dabbie hull 3438, mast, boom, side stays, 2x racing Mylar main sails and an additional training Mylar main, 3x jibs, rudder, racing centreboard, vlei centreboard, very nice metal dolley with inflatable tyres, boat cover and rope bag with all control ropes. A very nice boat all round…and if this is too hectic price-wise, then we could sell a few of the extras separately and reduce the price, but obviously it is beneficial for the buyer to just take everything over complete … let me know if anyone is keen, thanks

Great boat for teenagers that is usually sailed one up but can be sailed two up.  It has a strong class in South Africa with approximately 30 boats participating in National Championship events.

Andy Hoyle

Cell: 082 851 5141




Monday 20 July 2020

At 19h00
An E mail has been sent to everyone which includes the online Zoom Link.

If you did not receive the E-Mail please can you contact Dawn in the MAC Office before 17h00 today.

Ph. 021 557 7090


Dear MAC Members

With Table Bay Nature Reserve opening tomorrow (Friday 17 July 2020), they have requested that all members to please have their membership cards available as well as their stickers on windscreens when entering the main gate.

The clubhouse is currently being deep cleaned and sanitized in preparation for their safety. Please note that the Clubhouse, Galley, Bar, Lounge Area, Patio, Braai & Pool is currently closed & that all members must wear their masks & adhere to social distancing.

NEWS FLASH: More exciting news to follow either later today or by tomorrow morning…..

Kind regards

Brian Webb

MAC Commodore

MAC AGM 2020/2021

Ahoy All Members,

Hoping you are all in good health and keeping well.

Due to current social gathering, social distancing, facility access and sanitization regulations stipulated in National and Local lockdown regulations, it is not possible to hold physical meetings at the club at this time.

The Management Committee (Mancom) have agreed that the meetings will be conducted in the digital space using “Zoom” the web-based video conferencing tool will be used to conduct virtual online meetings via the internet. How to join a Zoom meeting.

Invitations and access details to Section and Club AGM’s will be sent closer to the meeting dates.

Please see the AGM schedule and call for nominations below.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Schedule 2020/2021 Season:
A.G.M Sail – Monday – 20 July 2020 at 19H00

A.G.M. Power – Tuesday – 21 July 2020 at 19H00

A.G.M. Boardsailing – Wednesday – 22 July 2020 at 19H00

A.G.M. Club – Wednesday – 05 August 2020 at 19H00

To be held online using web based video conferencing tool Zoom
Joining a Zoom meeting:

Call for Club Officer Nominations.
Nominations to be submitted by 15 July 2020

for the positions of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Conservation Officer & Communications Office

Submit Nomination Online:


Print, complete, scan, and submit via email:

Extracts from the Club Constitution for Nominations & Election Criteria:

-(from #44. b) – Nominations for the offices of Rear Commodores, Representatives and Committee Members of each Section shall be proposed at Section Annual General Meetings.

-(from #36. b) – The notice calling for nominations for the offices of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Conservation Officer and, Communications Officer shall be posted on the Club’s Notice Board 30 days before the Club AGM and sent to the last known address or email address of each member. (as amended August 2017)

-(from #36.c) – Nominations for the offices of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Conservation Officer and, Communications Officer shall be lodged with the Honorary Secretary, duly proposed and seconded, and with the nominee’s consent, 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. The names of the nominees, their proposers and seconders shall then be posted on the Club Notice Board for scrutiny 14 (fourteen) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. In case of needs, the Management Committee shall be empowered to accept late nominations. (as amended August 2017)

-(from #36. d) – Nominations for the offices of President, Vice President/s and Honorary Life Members shall only be made by decision of the Management Committee in accordance with paragraphs (b) and (c). (as amended August 2017)

-(from #44. c) – Only participating members of relevant sections may vote at their section’s Annual General Meeting.

-(from #28. a) – The qualification for election of the club officers detailed in Rule 26, with the exception of the Treasurer, shall be a minimum of two years membership of the club.

-(from #28. b) – The Commodore and Vice-Commodore should have served at least one year on the Management Committee and Rear Commodores at least one year on their respective Section Committees.

-(from #28. c) – The Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Rear Commodores must be nominated and elected each year.

Keep Safe and Healthy, Regards

William Gravett – Honorary Secretary
On behalf of Mancom.



Dear Members

Due to some confusion this last week we clarified some issues with Table Bay Nature Reserve. We have received confirmation from Charline, in writing, that members are allowed to check on their boats & the garden service may operate. We are not allowed to open the restaurant, bar & clubhouse for activities under regulation 3. We are not allowed in the water as yet, & unfortunately the reserve remains closed in this regard for now. We are trying our best to get the reserve opened, which is managed by the City of Cape Town. We have published an open letter to both Mr Wiseman & Dan Plato requesting that our members be allowed to use the water. Please can the members obey the current rules, as we do not wish members to sabotage our efforts in attempting to re-open the water. Please remember to wear your face masks when visiting the club when checking on your boats & equipment.

Kind regards


MAC Management Committee