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Saturday 23 March – 13h00 –  Ladies@Launch Training
Sunday 24 March – 10h30am –  MAC Black Sheep Racing
Sunday 24 March – 14h00 – 17h00  – MAC Live Music Sunday – Dave Dale performing.


14 APRIL 2019 ( 14H00 to 17H00)
MAC has struck gold with this musician, an incredible musician, not to be missed!
Members may bring along guests and sign them in.
No cover charge but please bring along CASH towards a DONATION for the musician.
Bar & Galley will be open
E-Mail inquiries to:

Bill Knight, Poet, South African Singer-Songwriter, Storyteller, Weaver of Tall Tales and Short Truths, layers his authentic contemporary Cape-Folk music with poetic lyrics of depth
and intensity.
He is a Purveyor of Dreams, a “Smous of Songs”.

His “Kaapse Mengsel” Style, written in a characteristic “Bredie” of English and the Afrikaans Vernacular of the Western Cape, provides a personal but universal insight into the not-so-ordinary lives of everyday people, drawing strongly on Myth, Mystery, Legend and Folk- Lore.

He subscribes strongly to the Ethics and Traditions of the Troubadours- Minstrels and Social
Commentators; ranging from the Myths and Legends in the Fireside Tales of Early Man, to
the Welsh Bardic Tales, Scandinavian Sagas, and the Political Activists of the Middle Ages.

Bill calls himself a “KhakieBoer”- half Brit, half Boer- with all the Tensions and Paradoxes that
such a blend suggests, but his Fireside Ballads and Torch-songs are more universal than any
divisions that might be expected.

Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Patti Smith.
Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens, Amaswazi Emvelo, Marks Mankwane, David Kramer, Jonny
Clegg, Tony Bird, Bright Blue.

Although most of his Work has been performed Solo, Bill has, over the years worked in a
number of bands:

1976: Head Office, with Carl Raubenheimer, Eugene Van Heerden & Tony Wood.

1982: Cape Smoke, with Richard Tait.

1983: Earthen Vessel, with Richard Tait, James Kibbey & Nick Krone.

1994: the Skollierock Band, with Roger Lucey, Caroline Blundell, Dave Ledbetter &
Terrence Scarr.

1995: the Harbour Band, with Seymour Howe, Hilton Vermaas,& Dan Darlow, with guest,
Caroline Blundell.

2016: Scarecrows in a Field, with Chris Davidson.

2018: Cape Smoke, with Richard Tait, Jono Tait, Matt Catto, Jeremy Stephenson,

Over and above the Bands, Bill has performed with numerous Local Music Legends, including
Roger Lucey, Robin Auld, Rayelle Goodman, Lesley Rae Dowling, Valiant Swart, Terrence Bruton
Scarr, Tim Parr, Hatchetman, to name but a few.






Digital Downloads:…/…/birds-of-a-feather/id1273990057

“The Edge Project”. Photos by James Eickman:

“Fishermen of the Cape” Photos by Gale McAll


Read Bill’s “Rolling Stone” Magazine’s interview with Alice Inggs:

It is one thing to be clever and oblique and another thing entirely to create such emotionally
honest visceral songs that become easily anthemic to the everyman and never sound
formulaic or contrived. He is a true storyteller. He has a unique, distinct sound that is a great
canvas on which to paint his words. That he is not yet rich and famous is unfathomable.
Glen Wilken


Through your window. (June 1996).
After the Rinderpest. (August 2002).
Back against the Wall (Dec 2004).

The “Sout en Sand” Trilogy:
Sout. (Aug 2007).
Dorsland. (April 2008).
Brakwater. (Feb 2009).

Old Dogs, New Tricks. (2012)

Collaboration with Chris Davidson:
Scarecrows in a Field (2016)
Birds of a Feather. (2017).


The aptly named Wet Start bar probably has the best view of any bar in South Africa, let alone the world. The view of the iconic Table Mountain can be seen through the bar windows and very often produces stunning sunsets. The bar is open most weekends and public holidays. It is also open on Wednesday’s when there is a Quiz evening or a Lucky Draw evening. Our low prices and friendly barmen will keep you smiling.

Bar Hours:
Wednesday (3rd & last):
 3:30pm - 11pm
Friday: 3:30pm - 11pm
Saturday: 11am - 11pm
Sunday: 11am - 7pm
Public Holidays: 11am - 7pm



Galley Hours: (Hours may change for MAC events)
Wednesday: 18h00 - 20h00*
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Sunday: 09h00 - 14h00
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