Removal of Water Weed Work Party Dates

As you know, during this season, the water weed has bloomed and spread at such an astronomic rate that it has made the launch ramp, jetties, sailing and windsurfing launch areas as well as parts of the western power zone and island almost unusable. Nature Conservation has given the club permission to remove the weed in these areas. As such, the club management is asking all members to join in and assist with pulling out of the water weed in these critical areas on 3 and 17  February 2018 between 09h00 and 12h00. We will also need the use of SUP’s, Paddle Ski’s etc in order to bring the weed  to the shoreline once it has been pulled out. Kindly contact Dave Blewett ( / 0715341916)  or the office should you be able to assist or require further information.