Hi 24 Hrs Organizers

THANK YOU SO MUCH for, once more, making this event happen. I personally think this regatta is the best in South Africa and this edition was simply SPLENDID! Well done!

Two things:

1 – I was very happy that it was announced at the beginning of the event to not litter especially because we are inside a Nature Reserve. Please do it every year!!! Sailors should be ambassadors against plastic pollution. If we are not, who will do it? Also make sure bins are emptied more often, especially after the start on Sat and on Sunday, from the finish till the end of the price giving. The amount of rubbish we produced on Sunday and piled into the bins was huge and items have been rolling out and straight into the water for a good two hours before rubbish was collected at the end of price giving. This is only a suggestion and does not mean to be a complain AT ALL.

2 – I was the team leader of the Pico – Ball of fire, which finished 2nd of the 5 Picos. I was a bit disappointed the kids did not get their deserved medals, as it has happened in other editions. I hope it is a mistake and we can fix it. The kids had a lot of young sailors doing this event for their fist time and I think they sailed very consistently and were actually AWESOME and deserved more than a BAR-ONE and a lolly-pop for their achievement. I also always send pictures and suggest parents to forward them together with a description and the medals to school so the kids can be awarded during assembly for competing in this unique event which requires young sailors to compete among and against adults, to get organized and sail at night, in pitch black, no matter how cold and windy is, wearing wet clothes at 2,3,4 am. This is HUGE for youngsters and a very much shaping experience. I am asking you to give this team a medal. I will make sure they will received it with urgency so they can all bring it to school before school closes.

Thank you for your attention and for all, really.

Let me know, thanks and kind regards,

Stefania Falcon