Special General Meeting – Outcome

In Summary

  • Two Mancom positions were ratified
  • Members present approved annual fee increases of 15% for membership fees and 10% for storage fees.

Attendance and Quorum

  • 33 Members signed the attendance register
  • 29 of whom were eligible to vote, thus the meeting was duly constituted as the required quorum of 25 was attained.

On behalf of the Management Committee, I thank all attending members for taking the time to attend and for input during the debate around the proposed increases, it is much appreciated.
Outcome Agenda Item #1 – Election/Ratification of Officers to filling vacant Mancom positions

  • Power Rep – No nominations were put forward, the position remains vacant
  • BoardSailing Rep – Russell Egan’s nomination was ratified.
  • Commodore – William Gravett’s nomination was ratified

Outcome Agenda Item #2 – 2018/2019 Season Membership and Storage Fee Increases

  • It had been proposed that the membership fee be increased by 25% and the Storage fee by 10%.
  • After much debate by members present a motion was put forward to reduce the proposed membership fee increase to 15%
  • This proposal was put to vote and 20 members voted in favour which carried the motion.

Annual member statements will be sent in due course


William Gravett

MAC Commodore