MAC Spring Newsletter

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Ahoy Members

We would like to thank the outgoing committee members for their efforts over the past year and extend a warm welcome to the new committee members.

I strongly believe we have a focused, enthusiastic committee who are dedicated to volunteer their time to achieve a common vision during their term in office. A week after the AGM we started with a productive brainstorming meeting where an achievable course of action was drafted and committed to with Sub-committees being formed to drive their respective goals. Great progress is being made.

As you may have already heard, we have made some changes to the Galley and appointed a new operator who has a vast knowledge in the food industry, chef Sergio. There is a notable improvement as the kitchen is kept open, spotless and friendly. Sergio offers a well balanced menu and is committed to increasing the client base for takeaways as well as sit downs.

Please support our brand-new galley and watch this space for opening hours, menu info and exciting new developments:

For the latest info regarding the Club Events Calendar, please check this link

See you all at the Club soon.

Brian Webb – Commodore

2018 / 2019 MAC Management Committee

Club Officers:
Brian Webb – Commodore*
Francois Bezuidenhout – Vice Commodore*
Brent Gray – Rear Commodore Sail*
Dave Blewett – Rear Commodore Power*
Jaco Wolmarans – Rear Commodore Board *
William Gravett – Honorary Secretary
Erich Scholtz – Honorary Treasurer
* Flag Officers
Committee Members:
Russell Egan – Communications Officer
Katja Haslinger – Conservation Officer
Paul Hartley – Representative Sail
Vacant – Representative Power
Roelof Serdyn – Representative Board

We are pleased to share that the club is performing very close to the budget that was presented at the AGM with several savings on the way.

Thank you to all the members that have paid their subscriptions on time, it allows us to provide you with the services you are expecting. To those who are lagging behind, the grace period will be closing soon and we appeal to folk to pay their subscriptions ASAP, the office team will be chasing you up.

We are currently busy with a number of improvement initiatives amongst which was the move to a more efficient and cost effective Cloud based SAGE Accounting System, members should please bear with the office as we are making this transition.

On behalf of the MANCOM, we want to convey our sincere appreciation to everybody who has contributed significant amounts of personal time and donations to improve our galley. It is a great example of club spirit, tight cost control, good governance and doing the right things in a timely manner.

Honorary Treasurer – Erich Scholtz 

Our Vice Commodore, Francois is a seasoned pro in the construction industry and has an active focus on raising the standard of the club facilities. He has been working closely with maintenance wizard Paul Hartley to plan and execute a wide range of long overdue maintenance activities while remaining strictly within the agreed club budget.

Francois has been busy addressing Health & Safety topics, removing clutter and improving features and decor to achieve the goal of a clean and inviting club.

Solid focus has also been placed on the preparations for establishing disabled facilities to support our members and visitors. We cant wait to see the innovative SV14’s out on the water, checkout

A big thanks goes out to Brian, Paul, Jaco and teams who have been hands on and heavily involved in the rapid refit of the galley.

Also, thanks to Brian for arranging the deep clean of the balcony area which is looking great.

Hint: Keep a lookout for the new wood fired pizza oven which will soon be producing delicious pizzas for us.


The new season is off with a bang with big things on the horizon…..

If you haven’t already, then it is time to get down to the club to dust off your kit and sail, the wind is coming!
FYI: Many members are keen to pickup second hand equipment so if you have surplus kit or are wanting to make space so you can upgrade then please keep a lookout for the upcoming sale/swap days.

Our first boardsailing Event will be on the 7th of October when Duotone launch their new brand colors to coincide with our first Masters & Blasters event. More details on this event and the party after are coming soon! See you there….

The Boardsailing team has been very busy finalizing our visitor gate fee system for the coming season to make it easier for visitors to join as short-term members, improve income and ease the administration at the office.
In terms of the proposed new system, we are offering two and four week memberships at a price of less than half of what daily entry into the vlei area would cost these international visitors.
This membership also includes, at a small extra fee, entry for a spouse, partner or photographer. Short-term membership allows the visitor all benefits of membership, including ablutions, bar and galley access, the use of the pool and WIFI.

We have also erected an access control hut at the club parking lot gate. The gate will be manned during the summer season by temporary staff empowered to collect entrance fees outside office hours and trained to take down the needed information, ID photographs and help issue membership cards in collaboration with the office.
We will be promoting the new fee structure to overseas visitors beforehand and offer to process short term memberships beforehand, to improve visitors MAC experience.

The new galley is fired up to provide a new, delicious menu and a choice of fast food and health meal options to local and visiting sailors. Pop down for a weekend breakfast before sailing.

Sergio and his team clearly understand the need for quick, ready-to-eat energy foods for those on the trot and more leisurely meals for those who prefer to sit down for lunch or brunch. Those who experienced Sergio’s premiere at the all-day opening cruise this past weekend will attest to the huge meals and great value.
The galley operator will also make an effort to serve food and drinks at the shade area bar this season, when visitor numbers demand it.

Work from MAC….
If you haven’t already spotted it, do try out the new collaboration work space near the galley.
We have fitted a window facing desk area with perfect height bar stools. Pop by, plug in and do some work then go for a sail. The internet is being upgraded….stay tuned for news.

There is a global revival in classic Windsurfer sailing and based on member interest we have arranged some club rigs to be made available.

Chat to Russell Egan to get involved and have some long board fun at MAC. We hope to have some racing soon.

The RSA WINDSURFER One Design Class Association is an active community on Facebook.
If you would like to join, please click here

FYI: If you wish to store your windsurfing equipment in the club containers, please contact
Reminder: If you are an existing tenant in the containers please make sure that you are in your allocated racks which have recently received very clear numbering.

For further Boardsailing info please see:

Rear Commodore Boardsailing – Jaco Wolmarans

Power Section:

It’s that time of the year again….All Power members who have craft in boat park are to please supply the office with updated COF documents and Skippers licenses.

We would appreciate volunteers to step forwards to assist with showcasing the power sports on open days.

For more info relating to the Power Section see:

Rear Commodore Power – Dave Blewett

Sail Section:

The Sail team have been very with the annual Boat Park recon and tidying up as well as  organizing a range of events such as Stadium Racing, Junior training, the 12 Hour, Open Days and Barts Bash etc.

The Sail committee members are comprised of the following team members:
– Rear Commodore: Brent Gray
– Sail Committee Rep, Safety & Bridge Co-ordinator: Paul Hartly
– Main Events Co-ordinator: Brian Webb
– Junior Sailing Rep: Michael Kavanagh
– Junior Sailing Assistant: Ryan Purchase
– Senior Sailing Rep: Penny Callan
– Sail Secretary: Mathilda Latigan
– Radio Control Rep: Craig Latigan
– Various Class Rep Positions: Vacant, contact Brent to get involved

Did you know… that MAC has an active junior sailing section, with activities including beginner sailing courses in school holidays, regular training on Saturday mornings throughout school terms and participation in club events, regional and national regattas.
Our mission is to introduce as many kids as possible to sailing with the goal of them becoming sailors for life. We use theoretical briefings along with fun games and exercises to develop the sailors skills.

For those who aspire to race, we offer advanced race coaching and regatta support.
Our sailors filled majority of top positions at the 2017 Optimist National Championships and have represented South Africa in international events.
If you would like to know more please contact Michael and Heidi Kavanagh via the Office.

The Radio Sailing community is back in force at MAC with an ever increasing turnout.
Expect to see a lot more, there is even talk of a Nationals being held in the coming months….

For all the key Sail Section info eg Race Documents, Results, 24-Hour & 12-Hour Challenges, Boat Park, Boat Hire, Radio Sailing etc  please see:

Rear Commodore Sail – Brent Gray


The MAC Social scene is ramping up with some great events.
For the latest info please see and also follow the Facebook pulse.

There is an ever increasing Wednesday evening Quiz Night with catering available from the Galley.

Come enjoy live music:


Special thanks to Angela for keeping the latest info displayed, sharing all the great action photos and creating the Club events posters. 

Water access times for MAC members:

Weekdays 10:00 until sunset
Weekends & Public Holidays 07:00 until sunset

There is a great season ahead, the vlei is full, the sun & wind are coming and and we are looking forward to seeing you, your family and friends at the Club.

For the latest info regarding the Club Events Calendar, please check this link