Water Notification Warning



Dear Members

We received the following feedback from Nature Conservation/the City regarding the latest water test results (7.9.2019). The blue green algae bloom is transient in terms of location and moves around the vlei and shoreline according to wind direction. The results from samples taken at different spots in the North Vlei show a low risk (at one point slightly moderate risk) according to World Health Organisation´s standards. Warning signs have been put up, in general swimming is not allowed in Rietvlei and we recommend to rinse well after being in the water.

Users are reminded to avoid areas with visible scum accumulations.

The vlei remains open and the City will continue monitoring the water quality.

Kind regards

MAC Management

Please note: see pic as a reference guide. (Pic not taken at MAC)

Dear Members

As a precaution, we would like to inform our members that latest test
results show cyanotoxins in Rietvlei, caused by blue green algae. The
water body is under surveillance and remains open.
Enter on your own risk. Parents to supervise their children.
Avoid areas with visible algal concentrations or blue-green algal
scums (‘blooms’).
Cyanotoxins can cause skin, eye and ear irritations. Uptake of high concentrations of
cyanotoxins can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, flu symptoms etc.
As a precaution:
● Don’t sit downwind of any algal material drying on the shore to avoid inhalation.
● Wear close fitted clothes or wetsuits.
● After coming ashore, shower or wash yourself down to remove any algal material.
MAC Management Committee

We do still have our social events happening, so do please join us today for our MAC Live Music Sunday – Bob & Ted Duo at 14h00 – Bar & Galley open. Come and cool down in our Swimming Pools & Bring n Braai.

Kind Regards

MAC Management Committee