14 Years of Youth Training at the Milnerton Aquatic Club

The very first course in December of 2007

Today and the month of December marks a milestone in my life. Since December 2007 I have taught 499 young people to sail. It has been the most rewarding part of my long association with the wonderful sport of sailing. It has been the most fulfilling period of my life. It has been my tonic, my medicine, my therapy that has kept me going, even through the very, very dark patches of my life. It has given my life purpose.

Many of these youngsters have gone onto making sailing their career. Many have participated in local, national and international regattas and Youth Worlds. Some are delivery/professional crew, others yacht captains, some participating in prestigious regattas overseas. Others in the yacht chandlery business. Others have become instructors and coaches themselves. The most notable is the achievement of becoming the chief rigger for the USA entry into the America’s Cup, American Magic. I’m just waiting for one of them to participate in the Volvo Ocean race or the Vendee Globe – that will make me very happy.

I say thank you to each and everyone for fulfilling my life and to the parents that have made it possible for their youngsters to participate, and realize their dreams. I thank the Milnerton Aquatic Club for providing the facilities, the boats and equipment and all the support through the years. Here’s to the next 500.

Axel Adelbert – SAS Dinghy Instructor (14 December 2020)

In Pictures . . . 

The Class of December 2020