Dear MAC Members
Please find herewith the phone number for the new gate at the MAC parking lot.
If closed please call 078 826 4009 to gain access.
All our members phone numbers which are already registered on the main TBNR gate have been loaded to the new system.
This new gate will be operational and closed on ‘normal days’ from 9am until 4pm. Thereafter, the Table Bay Nature Reserve main gate will be closed (existing number 079 905 8031) and the new MAC gate will be open. Hence, you only have to call once to gain access to MAC.
Only members with valid MAC car stickers on (or behind) their front windshields will be allowed to park inside the MAC parking lot. Please understand, there will still be some tailgating and we cannot control the parking lot or approach non-members accordingly if we cannot distinguish members from non-members. So, please assist us here. Much appreciated.
A big thanks to our commodore Brian Webb and our vice (and in-house electrician) Paul Hartley for spending a lot of time on this!
Kind regards