2021 420 Masters & Apprentices ZVYC Regatta – 10 & 11 April

420 Sailors,

We have not had a chance to race since the 2020 Nationals except for the Rollover Regatta.
Talks were underway to organize the 2020 Provincials in early 2021, but for one reason or another they never happened.
Well mostly because of travel bans, restrictions in level 3, and clashing with other regattas.

To ease you all into 2021 racing I cannot offer you a major regatta right away, therefore I have come up with this One Class Only ZVYC Club Regatta to be held on the 11th of April.

ZVYC has had a well attended Optimist training programme for a number of years now: Every Sunday morning of the first and last school terms, come rain or sunshine, 4 fleets of Optimist sailors gather at the club to refine their skills.
Some of the finest sailors of this country have come through the ranks of the ZVYC Optimist sailing programme.
The programme is so good that sometimes, when the young sailors age out of Optimists, they do not find purpose or direction and end up in sailing limbo, unable to choose the next class.

I decided that we must help.

On the 11th, every 420 sailor available will recruit an Optimist sailor and team up for a 5 races regatta.
The rules of the competition are set out in Annexure A, and if there are any doubts I will gladly explain some more.

There is no rule limiting who helms and who crews, but the rules are clear on who can be a Master and who is still an Apprentice.
To simplify everybody’s life we are NOT going to entertain protests or redresses; we will umpire on the water and discuss protests on the water inbetween races. When we come back to shore we will have a prizegiving right away, no waiting around for Young Optimist sailors wanting to show off their attorneys skills with the rulebook.

The purpose of this regatta is to show A, B and Intermediate fleeter what they could do after the Optimists. Maybe they decide to sail a Laser, or a Dabchick, but if we show them what it is like to sail double handed, they may enjoy it.
You will be introducing a younger sailor to the Class you like to sail. The goal, for once, will not be to win at all cost, but to recruit a future 420 sailor, not scare them away. Save the fight for Nationals.

The regatta has already been presented last Sunday to the Optimist fleets at ZVYC and the response has been positive. I foresee a reasonable amount of Optimist sailors wanting to race the 420 on April 11th. I already have requests from Optimist sailors to be paired with Masters, and I have some coaches that want to race, so I am pairing people up when they have not already decided on a partner. Some sailors have already paired up by themselves because they know each other.

I need all established 420 sailors, and particularly those that own the boats, to make themselves available.

If you have your Apprentice already, enter via the Revolutionize links that will appear on the ZVYC website in the next few days, if you need pairing up send me a mail or WhatsApp 0734389086 and I will find your match.

There are 6 ZVYC owned boats available for charter. As usual contact Karen at sailing@nullzvyc.co.za for rates and bookings.

Apprentices will attend a Technical briefing on Saturday afternoon, where we will explain how the boat works; Masters can attend and help answer Q&A, but the technical briefing is aimed at Apprentices.
A Zoom skipper’s briefing will take place Saturday 10th evening, so that Sunday morning can be used to rig and do that last bit of practice that your Apprentice may need. Racing starts late for that purpose.
We aim for short races and no tight reaches, mostly broad reaches and runs.

As always, parents volunteering with rescue, bridge crew, results, managing the bar, radio duty on shore, etc are welcome. Let me know if you are available.


NoR 2021 420 Masters and Apprentices ZVYC Regatta

Annexure A 2021 Masters and Apprentices ZVYC Regatta

SI 2021 420 Masters and Apprentices ZVYC Regatta