Power boating at MAC


Dave Blewett
Rear Commodore
071 534 1916

Craig Boswell
Management Rep
083 259 1121

The Power Section is managed by a Power Committee which is elected by the Power members for a one-year term of office at the Power Annual General Meeting. The head of the Power Committee known the Rear Commodore - Power. The Rear Commodore Power together with the Power Management Representative represent the Power Section on the MAC Management Committee. The Power Committee consists of a number of members managing such functions as Tournament skiing, Wakeboarding, Ski Clinic, Entertainment representative, Boat Park Manager and Secretary.

Members of the Power Section are free to use their craft on the vlei during weekdays and weekends provided that their boat has been safety checked by a member of the Power Committee and has the appropriate safety sticker displayed on the rubber duck or power boat. The member is free tow skiers, wake boarders, knee boards and tubes. No jet skis, wet bikes or any type of water jet propulsion craft are allowed on the vlei. When power boating all the rules and regulations applicable to use of power boats apply.

The Power Committee wishes you a wonderful Power Water sport experience at MAC and may your membership be a long and enjoyable one. If we don't see you on the water, then we will see you at the club house.


The Power section is in the process of re-establishing the Slalom Course and once completed, we hope to once again host both water skiing and wakeboarding competitions. The power section is also looking at establishing a ski school for those who wish to learn how to water ski or wakeboard.

Water skiing is further split into the following disciplines namely Slalom Skiing, Trick Skiing and Barefoot Skiing. We formally had a very active section with numerous members taking part in Provincial, National and International Competitions. A few our members have obtained Provincial and National Colours.

When wakeboarding, wake boarder can be pulled by either an inboard or out board power boat which has a high stainless-steel structure where the ski rope is attached. The boat is also loaded with ballast and is low in the water so that it creates a bigger wake for the wake boarder to jump over. The wake boarders perform numerous tricks such as reverse turns, somersaults and various types of jumps.


1.  Firmly secured seat per person on board
2.  Firmly secured battery (if fitted)
3.  An attached bowline (one & a half times the length of the boat)
4.  Steering responsive and all couplings in good working condition
5.  Motor/s fitted with kill switches
6.  Motor/s over 20hp firmly bolted to the transom
7.  Motor/s covers firmly secured
8.  Alternative method of propulsion (oar)
9.  Fire extinguisher in good working condition (must be serviced annually)
10.  MAC number/burgee clearly displayed on both sides (Not less than 100mm in height)
11.  Life jackets for all persons on board
12.  Fuel tanks firmly secured
13.  Yellow flag (if craft is to be used for skiing)

Background photo - Ingrid Owen